Groove Coffee

  • Breve ... OH Yeah, and Espresso!

  • Mexican Mocha

    Viva la mocha!

  • White Mocha

    Mmm hmm!

  • Carmel Macchiato

    Wikipedia says 'espresso stained (or marked) with milk'... We say 'and CARMEL!'

  • Mocha

    Where art thou cocoa?

  • Flavored Latte

    Carmel, Chocolate, Vanilla, ....and more!

  • Cappuccino

    The Italian Standard: ...a coffee and milk beverage that should produce a harmonious balance of rich, sweet milk and espresso

  • Latte

    Latte Da?

  • Café Au Lait

    Yes, Please

  • Americano

    More like Americaffieno...

  • Espresso Doppip

    Espresso Doppip Caffinated Adjectivization

  • The Groove

    The Groove

    One more perk out of you and you're grinded Mister and I am not joking. Let's begin.

  • Big Groove

    Big Groove

    Nutella Goodness, so Groovy

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Opening Hours

  • MON - SAT7am - 7pm
  • Closed Sunday

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  • Good bagels.
    C. P. Bisgaard
  • Groove has gluten free cookies.
    Ronald Conant